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    • green cities

      Earth Day 2014

      “Earth Day” has come around once again, and so I’m panicking, stressing to recall if I’ve been “green” enough since the last one or do I really have to go “all out” today?! I’m being hyperbolic to prove a point, of course. Yes, this is the day when I guess we’re supposed to take stock […]

    • twpv7-default

      Frith Is Not a Shield

      Two ugly beasts have raised their heads recently in the Pagan and Heathen community, or raised them again if you’ve been paying attention long enough. The one I’m going to talk about here is racism, but not to point out where and how it exists, there are some really smart people who have done an […]

    • quote-to be ethical

      To be ethical is to endeavor to find one’s proper place in the larger scheme of things rather than to seek to assert human superiority over the natural world. ~Gary Steiner Related posts: eco-friendly-witch-quote Magickally Binding a Person The Cold Night

    • That Witchy Place

      Absolutist Desperation

      I’ve really about had all I can stand of the weak Christian mindset that believe it is somehow under attack from a self-invented “boogie man” if it doesn’t have absolute control and presence over every and all aspects of culture and society, especially in the United States,  where far too many people let what should […]

    • donald michael kraig

      RIP Donald Michael Kraig

      Very sad announcement today: Donald Michael Kraig died on 3/17/2014. It is with great sadness that I announce that Donald Michael Kraig took his last breaths last night (3/17/2014) and died. He has crossed over to Summerland and is finally no longer suffering. The type of cancer he had was just too aggressive for us […]

    • That Witchy Place

      Magick in Tears

      I’m currently going through an emotionally painful time in my life, which includes plenty of tears, and I’m not ashamed or afraid to admit that. It has got me thinking about a lot more about my future, my place in this universe, and not only what my spiritual path means to me, but where it’s […]