Nature Witchcraft


NATURE Witchcraft: – Wicca and witchcraft or other shamanic attunements akin to the kind of ethic and awe the great as well as beautiful (FREE) North American Indians had before the arrival on the ‘civilized’ men from the Older World.

“A Guide to Nature Spirituality Terms
Selena Fox

Founder and leader associated with Circle Sanctuary, an internationally linked Nature Spirituality resource center and Shamanic Wiccan church based in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin. Animism: ancient philosophy that views everything throughout Nature as having a good indwelling spirit/soul, including the vegetation, rocks, waters, winds, t tires, animals, humans, and also other life forms.

Animism may be the foundation of shamanism and has also been considered the earliest form of human religion on planet Earth. Sorry, philosophy students, who are often told Aristotle and his work ‘Anima’ is original, these same students aren’t told about his Secretum Secretorum which is an alchemic treatise covering what he was taught that he sent to his pupil Alexander the Great.

Earth-Centered Spirituality: honoring typically the spiritual interconnectedness of existence on planet Earth, often as Mother Earth or Gaia, but sometimes as a gender neutral World Spirit. Sometimes called ‘Earth religion’ and ‘Gaian’ (Gaean) religion. Related Eco-Christian type is Creation- Centered Spirituality.

Ecofeminism: feminist environmental viewpoint that draws parallels between your oppression of women and the oppression of Nature by patriarchy and which advocates often the spiritual and political liberation of both. Goddess Spiritualty: revering Nature and honoring the Great Goddess in one or more of Her many types. Usually polytheistic and sometimes multicultural in practice. Usually incorporates feminist perspectives. Heathen: Another label for Pagan. Many contemporary practitioners of Teutonic characteristics religions prefer this phrase for themselves and their spirituality.

Character Religions: religions that include a great honoring of the Divine since immanent in Nature. May be premodern, modern, or postmodern in philosophical orientation. Usually polytheistic, animistic, and pantheistic. Include traditional ways of a variety of native peoples of the Americas, Africa, Asia, Australia, Polynesia, Europe, and elsewhere; made use of of ancient Pagan cultures, such as Greek, Egyptian, Aventure, Minoan, Assyrian, Celtic, Teutonic, and others; and contemporary Paganism.

Nature Spirituality: honoring the spiritual interconnectedness of lifestyle not only on planet Earth nevertheless throughout the Universe/Cosmos;, ore encompassing term than Earth-Centered Spirituality because it also includes Celestial foi; used by some as synonymous with contemporary Paganism and others as also such as interfaith blends, such as those that combine Paganism and Eco-Christianity or Eco-Buddhism. Is nature worship doing the denominational rag and differentiating itself with real intent to discriminate of claim special status?

Neo-Pagan: Contemporary Pagan.

Pagan: pertains to a nature religion or a practitioner of an ancient and/or contemporary nature religion; in addition used to refer to a Characteristics Spirituality, Earth-Centered Spirituality, and Goddess Spirituality group or even practitioner.

Pantheism: the Dope as immanent; the Keen is in everything and almost everything has a Divine aspect.

Panentheism: Pantheism that also includes some sort of transcendent component conceptualized for the reason that Sacred Whole or Work Unity. Use and misuse of language allows epithets and degrading remarks to minimalize or depreciate very similar concepts. Is it not better to say religion is ‘what you DO?’ and not what rationalistic construct that might move your thought at some moment?

Polytheism: adoring Divinity in two or more varieties. Does that include the three as one or one in three ‘Trinity’ originally taken from the Triune Nature of Man? Can be belief in/worship of multiple aspects of a particular deity; of the Divine while Goddess and God; or perhaps of many Goddesses, Gods, Mother nature Spirits, and/or other Divine forms. Some, but not all of, polytheistic nature religions recognize an all- encompassing Bright Unity. This seems more ‘open’ and less than the kind of anthropomorphing that ego often does.

Shaman: a adept who serves as healer and spirit world communicator for her/his tribe or maybe community. Sometimes known as a ‘Medicine person’. This role is usually tribal culture/community defined.

Shamanic Practitioner: someone learning and also working with shamanistic healing routines for self-development, and in some cases, also for helping others. Occasionally known as a ‘Medicine worker’. This particular role is self-defined.

Shamanism: animistic spiritual healing techniques usually involving trance (ecstatic) and spirit world journeys by adepts. Forms of shamanism include ‘Traditional’, which are rooted in specific indigenous tribal people’s cultures, and ‘Multicultural’, which are contemporary forms in which integrate old and completely new spirit wisdom from one or more culture. Does this seem to be an ‘open’ and positively ecumenical spirituality? Why would there be any problem if anyone and indeed everyone started to learn all wisdom?

Wiccan Spiritualty: contemporary paths rooted in one or more nature folk certitude of old Europe. Also known as the Old Religion, the Build, Wicca, Wicce, Ways of the actual Wise, Neo-Pagan Witchcraft, along with Benevolent Witchcraft.

Witch: many Wiccan practitioners use the term “Witch” for themselves in connection with their particular spirituality to bring back its pre-Inquisition use in Europe as a expression of honor and value, meaning “medicine person/medicine worker, ” “shaman/Shamanic practitioner, micron “wise woman/man, ” “priestess/priest of the Old Religion. ” Other Wiccans refuse to make use of the word “Witch” because of after negative definitions of the phrase which led to its utilize as a tool of Pagan genocide and religious oppression in Europe and United states for hundreds of years. Do you know when it ended? Did it end when Blasphemy Laws were overturned in England in 1951? Some would like you to believe it ended when the last person was burned at the stake in Seville, Spain in the early 19th century. It still exists in career and government as well as social situations. Therapeutae like Jesus and Pythagoras or other syncretic religions are definitely the real models of discipline that are “Witches”! During the “Burning Times” of the Middle Ages, bigots in power changed it is definition, making it a period linked with evil, and used it as a brand to mark in addition to exterminate folk healers, The supposed one god church actually believed illness was created by “sins and demons”. The guilt trips are more refined as time allows more control and programming through the destruction of open discussion and free-thinking. those who refused to convert to state-sanctioned forms of Christianity, governmental rivals, and others. Contemporary usage of the word “Witch” by non-Wiccans is diverse but in recent years has been changing in academia and elsewhere IT is the position of the American Psychiatric Association that trances, and possessions, are mental illness. They do not study or deal with the soul and most avoid discussion of it, but when pressed are only acting out the old propaganda and prejudice still. Anthropologists seek to make Trances an area of specialized study and these scientists (?) want to create a legal and druggable disorder called ‘Trance Possession Disorder Syndrome’. Real disorders including hallucinations do exist, and are treatable by witches and shamans. Vitamin B is often a missing ingredient in the nutritional intake and stresses or coping skills must be learned. Compassion is better than drugs and even massage or acupuncture work better in many studies such as one done at the U of Toronto in 2000. This author may be right when she says there is a “growing awareness” but that awareness may be managed to a degree she does not know. in order to reflect the growing public awareness and understanding of Wiccan Spirituality’s reclaiming of the expression. ” (1)

In fairness to psychiatry they are equal opportunity drug pushers and may drug a Christian having visions, too. There are many instances of religious obsessiveness and out of control behavior. One of the worst, is definitely believing you have the right to lie to people about things like ECT in order to meet societal targets. That, of course is the subject of discussion in our ‘Science’ segment and it is no great mystery. Deepak Chopra has a very little input of value to equilibrium my overly passionate comments.

“If bliss is simple to life, there should be a physical counterpart for it in the body, and indeed there is. According to Ayurveda, the body’s counterpart to pure pleasure is a subtle substance identified as ‘ojas’, which is extracted via food once it has been perfectly digested. Like the doshas, ojas is just on the edge of being physical; one could call it a subtle substance this registers on both mind and body. The final and most valuable result of eating a good diet is to draw out every drop of this delicate substance from your food. That enables the cells to “feel pleased, ” to experience the cellular equivalent of bliss. Do you think attuning and visualizing with the process helps?

Twenty years ago, the idea of a happy cellular would have made little sense in scientific terms. At this point we know that the body in fact is capable of generating a complex network of chemicals (neurotransmitters, neuropeptides, and related molecules) that the brain uses to be able to communicate emotions throughout the body. It is also known that a single meal can change the brain’s biochemistry quite radically. Any brain chemical connected with thoughts of well-being, such as serotonin, goes up and down in response to the food being digested inside intestinal tract. This has opened up the exciting possibility of a “food pharmacy” to correct depression, anxiety, along with mental disorders, just as fiber helps to control cholesterol.

With Ayurveda A very ancient herbalistic shamanic process related to Nyaya Yoga said to date back to 6000 BC. we can bypass the bewildering complexity regarding brain chemistry. Nature offers given us ojas, just one substance for happiness that this body makes all the time. inch (2)

For me Nature praise of the modern variety is whatever works (! ): and the wholistic integration with the mind body operating system which has knowledge. Science has discovered such things as the lymph system and chakras act to deliver soulful knowledge to our soulful potential.

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