Storm Magick

storm magick

Having escaped any significant damage from Hurricane Arthur rolling through the area, I think it's a great time to talk a little about "storm magick" for lack of a better term. There's two different ways to incorporate the storm concept, using an actual storm, or mimicking/calling/drawing up similar energy of one. Either way, remember that this is mother Earth and father Sky coming together.

Storm magick is excellent for bringing about strong changes in your life, but as with storms, there are plenty of chances for things to get out of hand if not prepared, and even that's not a guarantee from harm or chaotic tangents!

Fun fact: My hurricane candle is no match for even a small Category 1 hurricane so I don't use lit candles in storm magick when I'm outside.

The strong changes I can bring about with storm magick are generally concerned with washing away "big things" if it's a thunderstorm or worse, but nourishing and growth are the flip side to that when you have a gentle "long soak" type of storm. In the area I live now I'm discovering that rougher weather happens from mid-summer to late fall, and the gentle ones happen in spring. Just one more part of learning your environment!

Part of my intention and focus when working with storms is to ensure that the effects of the storm itself are not determined or influenced. It is not my place to mess with weather patterns in such a direct way; see my article on begging for rain at the site of a wildfire to learn more, and to also learn better ways to accomplish the same goals, and what happens when you act before thinking. Magick has no place for arrogance or ego.

Using the Storm

Be Safe. Be Smart. I'm not responsible for you or your actions...ever.

If you're going to use an actual storm, get used to being disappointed. Meteorologists have a lot more equipment than you, and we all know how often they're right. Learn to read your sky for yourself and listen to the weather guessers. This is the kind of magick that needs a lot of planning up front, and should be completely ready-to-go at a moments notice.

The way I do things, this type of magick doesn't involve an umbrella so it often involves getting drenched. I use this as part of the washing away/cleansing. Considering this, I also incorporate things that I can pour or sprinkle on myself that will be washed away, like lemon juice/zest/rinds, flower petals, ritual washes and teas. Just be mindful that this stuff is getting dumped on you, and therefore the ground directly, don't use things like bath salts and synthetic scented oils.

I keep the liquids in non-breakable bottles since things can get slippery and drop, and I'm often barefoot while doing my workings. The last thing I want to deal with is cut feet and explaining my injury at the emergency room! Most other items are in covered dishes or even sandwich bags if that's what I had when preparing everything. I find it rare that I have time to create a pretty setup with beautiful bowls, vials, bottles, and such.

Mimic the Storm

You may not get wet, but stuff can still go wrong if you're not taking summoned storm energy seriously. I sometimes do this form of working in the shower to mimic the rain, other times my mind is focused enough to visualize and feel the rain in my normal working space. Where I'm doing the work also determines what form my components take, i.e. if I'm in the shower, juices and washes poured over me are fine, but in the living room, petals, spices, and other dry goods which the besom can pick up later are better.

That brings up the question of what to do with anything left behind after the working. If you're outside, i recommend bringing a gallon of tap water to finish rinsing just in case you run out of storm because it happens. If you're inside, sweep up the "mess" with your besom, keeping the same intentions as your working, and sprinkle it outside somewhere, like your back yard. The real rain will take care of it from there.

One final thought, you're not limited to rain storms for this kind of magick, snow and even sand storms work just as well, and can possibly help when combined with other elemental components to your workings.

3 Responses to “Storm Magick”

  1. Lesley

    Very interesting post! I have never worked with a storm before. It is now on my list of things to try!

  2. Thomas

    Thank you, Peter. I’d not thought to use the power of the storm before, though I’ve always felt drawn to them. Thanks again, I shall prepare.