has gone away.

The last post on the blog was written in September, 2014

In that post, I explained how I've ditched all religion and spirituality. I was respectful, concise, and kept the site active for the hundreds of visitors every day who took advantage of what I'd explored, researched, and written.

I've grown even further since that last post, and now understand (not just believe) that religion is ultimately detrimental to our world and all of its inhabitants. It's time for our species to grow up and part of that is putting aside the ridiculous notions of gods, faeries, ghosts, magick, and other such bullshit distractions.

I'm not claiming science or atheism has all the answers, but they at least provide a logical vehicle in which to arrive at rational conclusions to the nature of everything around us. And they're one less layer of distraction to the facing the real problems facing the only planet upon which we can currently survive.

If you believe in magick, homeopathy, crystals with healing properties from vibrations, ghosts, ESP, trapping spirits in items and selling them on Etsy or eBay, herbs that can protect you from vampiric psychic attacks or any other such equally preposterous bullshit, I'm especially writing to you. These distractions are getting in the way to the very real contributions to our world that you, and all of us, have the potentional to provide.

Religion is not the way forward. Spirituality is not the way forward. They were the ways of previous generations who were either too stupid and afraid to leave them behind. The real problems of the world continue to grow worse. Religion is an agent of fragmentation; never has any religion be used to bring together a wider community of peoples, ever.