Wiccan Traditions


In its modern web form, there are many Wiccan traditions equally as there are denominations in Christian churches. Many Wiccans find comfort in following one particular set path, while others draw on the elements of many customs in solitary practice. Here are some brief descriptions of a few of the major variations of the Create.


Gerald Gardner was obviously a British civil servant with an interest in folklore, magic, and the occult. He claimed this his beliefs and methods were learned from the Brand new Forest Coven into which will he was initiated in 1939. At the time, the Witchcraft Act of 1735 was still in effect, making the group illegal, consequently its activities were secret and the membership small.

Throughout 1951, the witchcraft legal guidelines were repealed, paving the way for Gardner to publish their first book, Witchcraft These days in 1954. Gardnerian Wicca is considered to be the first of the modern traditions to be codified and also the one from which all others are usually in some way descended, especially in the UK, Europe, and Commonwealth nations around the world. Sometimes Gardnerian Wicca is referred to as British Traditional Wicca.

The particular tradition follows a system of degrees for mastering often the Craft. New members must be initiated by a coven, therefore just about all Gardnerian groups can trace their lineage back to Gardner’s original New Forest Coven. Much of the work is “oath bound” and remains strictly within the confines of the coven, just where members work Skyclad (unclothed. )

Traditionally, Gardnerian covens have 13 members and therefore are led jointly by a Higher Priestess and High Priest. Members are forbidden coming from sharing the names and personal information of other members, or maybe of confirming that they are indeed members.

This tradition teaches the core ethical guideline of the Wiccan Rede and also although there are organized ceremonies, there is no dogma. Each member must discover for themselves the meaning of the ritual experiences as an aspect of their individual path.


Alex Sanders, known popularly as the “King of the Witches” founded this tradition in the 1960s with this wife, Maxine Sanders. It is, in most aspects, identical to Gardnerian Wicca, but there is a greater emphasis on etiqueta magick and greater eclecticism is allowed. The attitude, as described by Maxine Sanders is, “If it works, use it. ”

Working Skyclad is optional, but the rite of initiation, and of earning degrees (typically three) is followed. In some Alexandrian covens, a fourth degree as well as preliminary rank is used called the “dedicant” or “neophyte. very well

In truth, the distinction among Alexandian and Gardernian covens is blurry at best and many priestesses train their college students in both traditions. There is, in fact , a deliberate fusion from the two called the Algard Tradition.


Mary Nesnick, who was initiated in both the Gardnerian and the Alexandrian traditions fused the two into Algard Wicca in 1972. It is widely regarded as redundant, since in practice that version is largely Gardnerian.

You can find very few Algard covens in either the United States or Great Britain and even covens that operate with a thriving mix of both traditions do not self-identify seeing that Algard.

This fusion is most clearly seen in the work associated with Janet and Steward Farrer whose books Eight Sabbats for Witches and A Witches’ Bible: The Complete Witches’ Handbook is of particular curiosity.


Although very similar to the Gardernian tradition, Georgian Wicca was founded in the United States by George Patterson in Bakersfield, California in 1970. He claimed to get been influenced by Celtic traditions derived from his work with a coven in Boston immediately after World War II.

It is a somewhat more flexible tradition because members may write their particular rituals. As in the Alexandrian tradition, working Skyclad is actually optional. Initiation is required along with members are still oath certain.


Raymond Buckland, a High Priest in the Gardnerian traditions, founded Seax-Wica after relocating to the United States in 1973. This variation is based far more heavily on Saxon cultures and allows for valid initiation either by a coven or through self-study.

Buckland is the author of numerous books in witchcraft, including Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft, published in 1985.


Furthermore spelled Fairy, Faery, in addition to Faerie, the Feri history was brought to the United Sates in the 1960s and is typically associated with small working groups and solitaires. One of the most notable initiates of this tradition could be the author and activist Starhaw, best known for her work, Typically the Spiral Dance.


Known as the feminist movement regarding Wicca, the Dianic convention emphasizes reverence of the Empress in her three elements. Many of the Dianic covens tend to be for women only.

The tradition was founded by Zsuzsanna Budapest in the 1970s and is an egalitarian and matriarchal tradition that combines elements of the Gardnerian tradition with folk secret and feminist principles.

Other Traditions

Other traditions you might encounter include:

Celtic Wicca, which emphasizes the magic and healing abilities of elemental spirits, gnomes, fairies, plants, and minerals.
Asatru (Northern Way) based on the Norse pantheon and involving Old Norse dress for ritual do the job.
Pictish, which is a solitary Scottish nature tradition.
Strega, which draws traditions dating back in order to 14th century Italian teaching

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